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Philoutsourcing is a team of virtual assistants based in Laguna, Philippines, specializes in providing several key outsourcing solutions like administrative services, back office support, data entry, digital marketing, SEO, web designing and web development.

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Getting started in outsourcing can be tough, especially for small business owners who have just decided to contract their services out for the first time.

  • Qualified, skilled workers, fully equipped, & trained with their own workspace based in the Philippines, saving you money, time & office space.

  • Ongoing support and oversight, so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

  • An opportunity for a better work-life balance; we find skilled people to help you achieve your goals, allowing you to enjoy life's sweeter things.

  • Peace of mind knowing our dedicated staff is always available to work for your business.

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Budget Friendly Cost

Cost Effective Way

Easy to Budget & Control Costs

Only pay for the time that you use which includes all costs: staff motivation, employment law, recruitment fees, office, IT hardware, software, payroll, pension, NI, insurance etc.

No need to find different support providers – one provider for all requirements: business admin, sales & marketing, bookkeeping, secretarial, time management, travel & event management

No time or money wasted trying to find the right person – quality of service: rigorous VA selection process, Philippines based team, decades of combined business experience.

Why Outsource?

Hiring a competent and reliable virtual assistant is strenuous only if you start on the wrong foot. Follow this three-step guide and we’ll walk you towards the right person for your business.

  • Outsourcing can help maximize your limited budget.

    Over the years, outsourcing has proven to help entrepreneurs save money and reduce unnecessary overhead costs. Compared to hiring an in-house worker, you only need to pay for the hours worked and get rid of other expenses, such as payroll taxes, insurance coverage, training and recruitment costs, among others.

  • It can give you more time to focus on strategic activities.

    Entrusting some of your less important day-to-day tasks to a professional virtual assistant will free you a massive amount of time and energy, which you can use for strategic tasks that are far more vital to your business’ success.

  • It can ensure a specialist for the job.

    Besides having worked on an extensive portfolio of projects, our team of qualified virtual assistants has gone through a rigorous selection process so we can guarantee the quality of service we can provide.

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Getting started in outsourcing can be tough, especially for small business owners who have just decided to contract their services out for the first time. We can help entrepreneurs decide which jobs to delegate, how much to expend, and who to hire for each task.

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